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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Useful After-UTME Advice for All 2018 UTME OAU Applicants and their Parents. (Tags: Nairaland, OAU, admission, post-UTME, postutme, cutoff, cut-off, Obafemi Awolowo University)

Yes! The season is here again when calls, SMSes and emails start flooding in from OAU applicants to make enquiries about OAU cut-off, admission processes and more. Isn’t it just few months ago we were running up and down for the 2017 jambites just to make sure we get them to their first choices of course and institution? Though the stress was much, but we thank God we were able to achieve at least 95% admission for our candidates; and I can say here that most of the candidates that fall in the remaining 5% are the ones who didn’t follow our instructions and advice faithfully. You know, some jambites can act like they know better than the consultant who has been in the system for over 11 years; and most of the times, it costs them what they really want to have so much.
To avoid all the factors that make applicants lose their OAU admission they deserve so much is actually why I'm making this article; and believe me, this article is not too early. Some people will be waiting for when the Post-UTME is around the corner before they ­­­­­start making attempts to runs their admission. Believe me, this is procrastination, and you sure know what they say about procrastination, don’t you? It steals away not alone the time when it comes to seeking admission to OAU, but also the admission. Especially for the aspirants of the highly competitive courses (Medicine, Nursing, Law and Accounting), please, even if the whole of the applicants are procrastinating and waiting on things to happen, please don’t join them—it is highly dangerous for you, even more than the rest. You must make things happen! For the aspirants of the highly competitive courses, please don’t mind how long this article is, just endeavor to read it to the very end and digest it, you need this vital information to enhance your chances of gaining admission to OAU, even if you have scored 400/400 in the UTME.
In these recent times, it’s formally three factors that determine whether you indeed deserve to be admitted to OAU or not, and they are: your O/Level results, your UTME score and your post-UTME score. You already know all these right? But wait till I tell you that you could have high scores in every of these results and still not be admitted! This is when three other factors come in, factors that are not formal but affect the formal factors. Factors like:
(1). How Informed you Are About OAU Admission: we’ve been in this system for over a decade, we can tell you categorically how high it is the number of admission seekers who lose admission per year based on the fact that they didn’t get the needed information early, or because they were informed wrongly. Candidates just write the UTME, check the results, and wait because they think it is too early to start processing admission. But while they wait, the wise ones are already making the needed calls and meeting the needed people. This is to tell you again for emphasis to not wait! When it comes to OAU admission, waiting is dangerous. If you have seen your UTME result and you have scored above 200, call a consultant (the “runsman”); let them counsel you on whether what you have scored added to your O/Level results and your likely score in the post-UTME will be good enough to get you the course you have applied for. If the score won't, let them advise you on what you will need, whether it’s to change the proposed course or “runs” it up! If it is to change course, do it as early as possible, and if it is to runs it up, follow all instructions faithfully; if you do, even a score as low as 200 could get you that expensive course you applied for. Just listen to instructions, if you do, it is OAU, anything can happen! But someone has to make it happen.
(2). How Believing and Faithful you Are: You may not understand this the way I mean it until I explain, so let me explain already before you start thinking what I don’t mean is what I mean. In seasons of admission like this, I receive dozens of calls per hour, no exaggeration. Though it’s hard to take these calls all the time, that’s why I miss so many of them and most of the times not remember to call back; that’s why I’m always telling students to text instead of calling. I get some accidental free minutes sometimes that I prefer to spend on reading and replying the texts and mails I have received. But you know what? Of all these people who call, text and email me, only few a believers, many of them doubt too much. In fact, they get too lazy to take even the simplest leap of faith. Due to their past experiences (maybe), they have insecurities about everything, which makes them abandon what is required of them, only to render them waiting for OAU to bring their admission to their bedrooms. Here in OAU, it just doesn’t work that way, taking risks is part of the package. You have to be able to trust that your runsman knows what he's doing and you gaining the admission you have paid him to runs for you is also an addition to his success portfolio. More so, the professors and doctors you think will help you with your admission will surely forget about you! You are not their child, neither are you their niece or nephew, and you certainly are not the only one begging them for help; and know this, they don’t give their slots to strangers even if you have the millions of money to pay. The professors and doctors prefer to give the slots to those people who help them do things they cannot do themselves, those people are the runsmen you need to stick to. They are the ones who make things happen, so learn to have faith and believe in them.
 (3). How Meticulous you Are: I as an educational consultant have a good reason for not wanting to deal with the applicants but their parents. I believe the applicants—especially the under aged one among them—have their careless ways of ruining things to make the runsman look incompetent. I like to discuss admission runs with the parents because the way the parents handle their children’s future is most of the times better than the way their children handle their own future. And believe me, this is one important factor determining what your admission would be—gained or lost.
Every of the factors noted here—formal or informal, they all mean so much, so take them as seriously as they should be taken. And if there is anything you need enquiries on, please call (or preferably text) 08139534187. Information is free of charge, I only start charging when you have given me a job, so don’t bother contacting me if you are going to be giving me a job with no intention of paying; this is what I do for a living.

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